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Best Survey Apps to Make Money

Written by Jasir Jawaid

The already booming gig economy took off even further during the COVID-19 pandemic. As economic uncertainty gripped the world, many people turned to side hustles to shore up their finances and lessen the damage of financial hardship. It’s now 2022, and the pandemic appears to be waning, yet making money online remains a big priority for many individuals.

Your primary 9-to-5 job helps pay for essentials, but a side hustle can help you stash extra money. One such side hustle is taking online surveys. That's right: You can complete surveys and bring in extra cash just by answering a few questions about something you're already using. The best part? No experience necessary. All that's required is an Android or iOS mobile device, an internet connection, and 15 minutes. These survey apps cannot be seen as a get-rich-quick scheme because you'll only be making enough to probably pay for small expenses if you dedicate a fair amount of time and effort. These apps allow you to earn extra income without compromising your current schedule.

Online survey companies serve various functions for their clients, but at the core, each collects feedback and information about customers' wants and needs. For example, one survey could conduct market research about new products, while another might gauge the target demographics' familiarity with your brand.

Online survey sites offer various payment methods to cash out your earnings. Some support PayPal, while others will give you gift cards by retailers such as Amazon or direct deposit to your bank account. Below, we're listing the best survey apps that can help you make money online.

This article was published on JoyWallet and can be read here in full.


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